Sunday, July 3, 2011

Summer Heat

It's hot.  You're sweaty and sticky.  You have this baby sweating in your arms and against your body as you nurse.  You're thirsty and feeling dehydrated and reach for the water. 

Should you also give your baby water?  Does he need it?  Is he getting enough fluid from just you?

The answer to these questions are fairly simple, but to a new mom, not necessarily known.  All a newborn baby needs until around the middle of the first year is you and the milk you provide.  Extra water is needed for you, but not your baby.  Your baby will nurse more in the heat, but the water and minerals in breast milk are exactly what the baby needs at that time.

When the baby is around 6 months old (and many babies even older than that) they may start reaching for food.  Go ahead and start introducing foods if you feel he is ready.  But there is still no need to introduce a bottle or even a sippy cup at this time.  Just continue to put him to the breast for thirst as well as for hunger.  (Comfort nursing is still ok as well.)

As for the sweat you may feel, Mom, here is a trick I have seen many moms use.  Find a light weight receiving blanket and place it across your belly tucking it up under your breast.  The baby will be against the light blanket and will reduce the skin to skin sweat that many moms (including me!) don't like the feeling of.  (With a HUGE thanks to the mom who taught me that trick several years ago.)

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